One homeowner got a little too in the spirit of the brand new (and definitely not PR-stunt leaked) GTA VI trailer, opting to simply detonate their house instead of even thinking of letting the authorities inside to execute a search warrant.

The fiery fiasco began on Monday evening when authorities responded to a call of a man repeatedly firing 30 to 40 flare guns from his home into his Arlington, Virginia neighborhood.

Though the cops were able to quickly secure a search warrant for the property considering the man in question refused to speak with them, they quickly realized the process was moot.

As they tried to enter, the trigger-happy homeowner allegedly fired several rounds through the door before leveling the property in a blast once thought to be reserved for the backdrop of bad guys walking away in action movies.

While no cops were seriously injured in the ordeal, it remains unclear what, exactly happened to the suspect  — he likely either died in the inferno or made one heck of a Looney Tunes exit. Yet even with all these questions, one thing is certain: We too would rather nuke our houses than have to deal with cops.