How do you stop a street fight?

Over here, we’ve seen a lot of methods for breaking up a brawl, ranging from drop kicks to slightly different kinds of kicks. This, however, is probably the strangest — and most effective — method we’ve seen in quite some time.

In this clip, several people can be seen going at it on the street. One man is clearly fed up with all this pugilism, and so, he hatches a plan. Rather than throw a few more punches, he’s going to do the unthinkable: Stick a finger up the aggressor’s bum.

Whether he meant this as a means of stopping the fight or if he was just seizing the opportunity to live out an assault fantasy is an open debate. Regardless, it seems to have worked, causing the man to stumble away and stop fighting back.

Unbelievably, this man is not necessarily an innovator, as many allege that the best way to break up a dog fight is by shoving a digit up their rectum.

Now, before you go out shoving your hands up dog butts to stop them from wrestling, it should be noted that scientists have (understandably) not studied this as a method of protecting yourself against dogs. Furthermore, if you’re in a situation where you feel the need to give a dog the Shocker, you’ve probably already lost, if you know what I’m saying.

But hey, if you’re in a street fight and want it to end, why not give this a try? After all, a stinky pinky washes away easier than a black eye.