If you take the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory at face value, then you probably believe that she passed away in 2003 after gaining popularity and success off her debut album, Let Go. But this is the internet and people believe that her label wasn't just going to admit that Avril was gone. They needed to capitalize on her rising career somehow and so according to the tinfoil hat wearers, they cloned her.



? original sound - Patty

Her label allegedly brought in an actress by the name of Melissa Vandella to be her clone. And it was a  good ruse for a while, but true fans could tell there were some obvious appearance changes. First, it was small differences like her eyes and nose looking different. 

Then years later it was her handwriting that appeared to change from 2013 to 2019. Then there was the promo photoshoot that "Avril" did where she had the name 'Melissa' drawn on her hand which cemented this theory in the minds of many. 

To those in the know, all the evidence was staring us right in the face, you just had to connect the dots. Other parts of the conspiracy claim that her voice changed. However, the final piece of the puzzle just might be the collab that "Avril" recorded with her guitarist, Evan Taubenfeld. 

The song entitled Best Years of Our Lives, is a melancholy-filled duet, but the lyrics that really strike a nerve are, "You and I would never be the same. September took me by surprise." Avril Lavigne died in September of 2003.