Guns N' Roses frontman, Axl Rose will refrain from launching his microphone into the crowd at the end of their shows. The 30-year-old tradition comes to an end after an Adelaide show where the singer hit Rebecca Howe, an innocent bystander in the face causing bruising and two black eyes.

Axl Rose issued a statement on his personal twitter account after hearing about the incident. Instead of apologizing, Rose went off on a tangent about the media reporting the incident in a negative light.

Either way, the singer says that he'll no longer throw his microphone at the risk of someone getting seriously injured.

This isn't the first time an incident like this has occurred. Back in 2013, Axl Rose hit a man with his microphone and broke multiple teeth. The victim sued Axl Rose after a dentist quoted him a price $5,000 to fix the damage.