Though it’s always best to hit the brakes before landing in a car accident, one bad driver had a better idea — tapping the pedal only after causing an awful wreck.

An unknown motorist evidently mistook the rules of the road with the rules of bowling this week, plowing straight through several cars lined up at an exit before even considering his brakes.

While it’s unknown what prompted this terrible driver to put his pedal to the metal  — and keep it there come hell, high water, or what appears to be normal California traffic — he was committed to the bit according to driver u/damgood85 who captured the ordeal on their dashcam.

“I don't think he hit the brakes until after his airbag went off,” they captioned their now-viral post appropriately shared to r/IdiotsInCars.

Though it’s unknown what happened next, the video cutting out moments after impact, we know this driver most definitely got a ticket … hopefully a one-way one back to Driver’s Ed.