Danya Svoboda's special day was abruptly stopped after guests became sick, claiming she had laced the catered food with marijuana. Many of her friends and family were rushed to the hospital, reporting that they were feeling lightheaded or their hearts began racing, some were vomiting profusely. Svoboda was later arrested along with their caterer, Joycelyn Montrinice, for conspiring to drug the guests at the wedding.

Bodycam footage from the police shows the bride and groom the moment they were being questioned after the incident was reported. The groom suggested the guests might have brought their own supply of cannabis and put it in people's food. 

One guest, Melissa Stout, who had come from Michigan, said she sat down to eat some food after feeling quite buzzed from a few drinks and claimed she felt "much worse" after eating pasta, salad, and some bread with oil. She said she was "on the ground throwing up" and was worried because none of the other guests were sick, yet. 

According to the arrest warrant, every guest who claimed they were drugged tested positive for cannabis. They all said they had no idea the food was laced. After asking Svoboda if she had drugged the food, guests said she "acted as if she had given them a gift," while nodding and smiling.

The catering company, Joycelyn's Southern Kitchen, was already fleeing the scene when police arrived.

By the look on her face, it's obvious that Svoboda did not care about her actions and was in a haze of weed euphoria by the time she was arrested.