Welcome to Brock High School located in Brock, Texas. Home of the Eagles, the school has a well-established athletics program with football at the forefront, because well...Texas. But let's not shy away from the men's basketball squad. Although diversity may not be their strong suit the roster packs a punch.

For posterity's sake, here's your Eagles' starting lineup.

Colt Matlock

Denman Kirby

Austin Lavender

Gevon Randall

Sawyer Strosnider

Brayden Carter-Ditto

Braden Pitchford

Braden Nicewonger

Casen Meeks

Zach Lewis

What an absolutely star-studded roster. Not to mention the Braden/Braden/Brayden trifecta. Obviously the internet had some thoughts on the team.

Couldn't forget this classic.

After the tweet made its rounds, one of the fan favorites saw his opportunity and took it.

Jesus Christ...that's Braden Nicewonger. Is it weird for a 34-year-old to want a basketball jersey this badly? How about this, Braden. You send us some threads, and we'll send you some eBaum's swag, deal?