Though Cam Newton’s C1N may be all about developing young athletes’ football skills, a handful of players are getting a lot more bang for their buck — literally — honing their fighting chops alongside the NFL icon.

In a now-viral clip, the Carolina Panthers alum can be seen at the center of a melee, the witch-like hat on his head barely hanging on as he grappled with the young players during the We Ball Sports x DynastyU 7v7 tournament.

While it’s unclear whether Newton was the target of the attack or simply trying to break up the brawl, the smackdown was one for the ages, the football star taking his tackling prowess off the field and onto a patch of grass. The fracas was ultimately broken up by what appears to be a referee, the brawlers ultimately heading their separate ways.

Naturally, as fans are upon discovering their favorite footballer was involved in a fight, Twitter fell into a frenzy, confused by the chaos.

“Cam Newton fighting off 3 dudes while dressed as the wicked witch of the west was not on my 2024 bingo card,” wrote @CourtAnne1225 as @Osamabeenhatin pointed out the brawler’s fatal flaw.

“Must've forgot this is a 6'6 250 pound professional athlete,” they joked.

Though many questions remain regarding the melee, one thing is certain: Newton will never have to tell these kids to amp up their aggression.