In his quest to catch ‘em all, one Pokemon fan found himself catching something else — some (well-deserved) hands.

Despite being told several times that a Nova Scotia McDonald’s location was out of Pokemon cards, a special promotion they ran earlier this year, one aspiring trainer proceeded to throw the meltdown of a lifetime, threatening legal action against the fast food chain.

“McDonald’s, I wanna press charges on McDonald’s!” the man yelled.

Even after catching flack from one passerby — “You’re behaving worse than my disabled children!” a woman can be heard yelling from behind the camera — the angry man refused to back down, reiterating his demands to the shockingly calm cashier.

“I want my six dollars — I want my donation back!” he insisted.

After several moments of berating the poor employee, another customer decided to get involved, the pair ultimately coming to blows.

So take it from this angry customer — there are some things you most definitely should not catch.