Sometimes you get yourself out of one hole, just to find yourself right in another. It could be bills, a crush, or your car that went over a cliff only to be saved, before then going off another cliff. Oh, so is life. 

While we don't have a translation for the below video, which comes to us from India by way of Reddit's r/PublicFreakout, we don't need a translation to know what they're saying. 

'Just a bit more, okay, on three everyone push! Almost there, perfect we got it! Oh no, oh fuck oh fuck. God dammit." Or something like that. 

While most of the comments are some version of, "lmao" one Redditor took the video as a jumping-off point for people who lack abstract thought, going on a mini rant on the topic. 

"This is a great demonstration of why abstract thinking should be taught. Nobody in this whole group could think more than 1 level abstracted. They got to the "pull on car, car goes forward to the road", but that's as far as they could get. They didn't get to the "what happens next" part. If anybody ever tries to make the point about "why is this useful? when would I ever use this?" in regards to more generally applicable high level classes, point them to this video. Being able to actually think in complex ways has very concrete and visible results." 

We can't argue with that, and telling from the first half of the clip, getting a car out of a canyon can't be that hard, they already did it once before.