Ring cameras, CCTVs, and all the other ways we self-surveil ourselves are great in theory. They help make us feel safe. They allow us to check in on our pets when we're away. But what happens when you catch something on the ring camera that you'd rather not see? 

Well, when one person saw a naked figure crawling around their neighborhood in the dead of night on all fours, we must ask ourselves the question: Is ignorance bliss? Yeah, maybe it is. 

While we don't where or when this footage was captured, we do know the terror this home owners is currently feelings. Time to pack those bags kids, daddy is taking the family far-far away from here. 

CCTV footage captures person dashing on all fours in the dead of night
byu/SignificantThemea inPublicFreakout

The footage was posted to Reddit's premier sub for all things freakouts, r/PublicFreakOut, the comments were lacking in context.  No one seemed to know when or where the footage came from, but everyone agreed, that if this happened in their neighborhood, the for sale sign is hitting the front yard the very next morning. 

So, next time you're thinking about checking those home security cams, just ask yourself this: If a skinwalker was spotted lying around in your hammock, would you really want to know?