Life feels pretty surreal after you get into a car accident. You might have head trauma, you might simply be confused — but no matter what happens, the police are there to help. Or, in this case, taze you.

According to the Miami New Times, firefighting cadet Jordan Rivero was coming back from a fishing trip with some friends when the driver of the car fell asleep behind the wheel. This caused the car to crash into a concrete pole.

When police arrived, they tried to figure out what happened. Kinda. They asked a very disoriented Rivero a few questions, then tried to get him to sit down. Given that he’s a teenager who was experiencing deep shock, this didn’t go too well; Rivero repeatedly got up and asked the officers what was happening.

At some point, the officers decided that they were done with Rivero and decided to taze him — four times. “Rivero’s head slammed into the concrete, and police held him face-down in a pool of his own blood,” the article notes. “The lawsuit alleges that after the deputy tased Rivero four times in a row following the crash, the teenager suffered a grand mal seizure.”

For some reason, tazing the teen didn’t make his behavior any less strange. While on the ground, he said, “I don’t wanna fish anymore” out of nowhere, and when the police asked his friend why Rivero was behaving so strangely, the friend had to remind the officers that “we’re in shock right now.”

Today, Rivero is doing okay, though the suit says that his “injuries left him unable to complete the necessary test to become a firefighter like his father, a lifelong goal of Rivero.”

Here’s hoping Rivero gets a big payout — and that next time, the police understand “shock” in a way that doesn’t involve a taser.