Though Dane Cook may have married his longtime girlfriend Kelsi Taylor in an intimate Hawaiian ceremony last weekend, one question quickly upstaged any details surrounding their tropical nuptials — just how long is “longtime” when it comes to the 51-year-old comedian and his 24-year-old bride?

The official story of how the pair, who first went public with their relationship in April 2017, kindled their romance is relatively simple, an anecdote Cook recounted during an Instagram Q and A back in 2018.

“We met at a gamenight [sic] I host at my place,” he explained in an Instagram story, according to Jezebel. “We were friends for a while & soon after fell in like with each and then upgraded to love.”

Though it’s unclear just how long the couple, who boast a 26-year age gap, had been friends for before exploring their romantic connection, they apparently knew each other before she came of age, a fact Rolling Stone entertainment editor Marlow Stern recently reiterated on his Twitter page.

“A photo from the night dane cook says he met his wife,” he captioned a repost of a photo depicting the then 44 and 17-year-old at the now-infamous game night.

Stern’s re-upload quickly went viral on Twitter, sparking ire from fans frustrated with the possibly questionable circumstances surrounding their relationship.

“Imagine being 44 and using the little bit of fame you got off stealing jokes to try to finesse a teenager into f–ing you,” joked @Tanooki_Liz. 

“Do they just like go around and look for teenagers to invite to their parties??” asked @notkimberlyno.

But regardless of whether or not any weirdness precluded the pair’s love, one thing is certain: We can only hope Taylor will accompany her man to nab some sweet, sweet, early bird specials.