The world is a confusing place if you’re an animal. As a creature in nature, you’ve developed skills over literally thousands of years that make you best suited to survive in your environment. Then, us people come and change your whole world — leading to things like birds flying into windows and elk walking through your local shopping district in search of a mate.

One thing that these animals probably don’t consider is the idea of a fake version of themselves. Because of this, when they see something resembling one of their own, they’re going to do what animals do: attempt to mate.

In this video, a deer can be seen approaching a rubber deer statue, which is apparently used for crossbow practice. Wasting no time, the deer gets to work thrusting, undeterred by the statue’s complete lack of care or response (men, am I right?).

According to WJAR, the deer humped with such aggression that it broke the legs of the statue. And if that wasn’t enough deer humping for you — we won’t judge, you can say it — don’t worry, because it all happened again just a few days later.

So if you’ve got a deer statue in your backyard, watch out for horny deer — or anyone else with a bad idea.