While the rules of the road may be fairly simple — obey traffic laws, use your blinker and don’t do anything that would enrage a gun-toting truck driver, etc. — it appears good weather can throw a massive monkey wrench into the mix, inadvertently leading to a light pole-wrapping crash.

In a now-viral clip shared to the aptly named subreddit r/IdiotsInCars u/DJ_star22334 offered a glimpse at another non-explosive catastrophe that hit the Midwestern city on Monday — a car bulldozing another directly into a pole.

“Detroit when it’s 70 degrees for 2 hours,” they captioned their now-viral post, depicting what appears to be a Bentley slamming into the back of an SUV, the impact driving it off the road, flipping it over and ramming it straight into the post.

It remains unclear what happened to the drivers involved in the accident, but we can only hope they managed to make it out okay … and that have some really good insurance to boot.