We're all aware that Marilyn Monroe died of a barbiturate overdose in her Los Angeles home on August 4, 1962. We also know that the 36-year-old pop culture icon was seeing a therapist, and would regularly take sleeping pills so the fact her death was ruled a probable suicide by police makes total logistical sense.

Except what if that wasn't actually the case. You may have heard this conspiracy before, but let's broaden our minds for a second. What if Monroe was murdered and it was made to look like a suicide?

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It's no secret that Bobby Kennedy (RFK) was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe. He allegedly told Monroe that he would even leave his wife Ethel, just to be with her. When Bobby never took action, Marilyn wanted to call off the affair. The idea is a tale as old as time. "If I can't have her, nobody can." So Bobby took it upon himself to end Monroe's life.

Even though the Kennedys deny that Bobby was in L.A. at the time of her death, multiple witnesses have stated otherwise. Marilyn's neighbors, her housekeeper, and even the Mayor of L.A. Sam Yorty, all claimed to have seen or known that Bobby was in the area on the day of her murder.

Marilyn was also rumored to have a red diary where she kept her schedule. Another part of the theory states that the diary would have contained proof of her affair with Bobby, and if it were leaked could ruin his reputation as a politician. 

The Day of Marilyn's Death

Here's what happened according to this theory. Early in the afternoon on August 4th, Bobby Kennedy and actor Peter Lawford arrived at Marilyn's home. Lawford was having a party that evening and was trying to convince Marilyn to attend.

It is during this visit when Bobby and Marilyn decide to end their affair. Witnesses then put Bobby back at the Monroe residence around 9:45pm that same night. He attempts to find her red diary knowing that its contents could ruin him if leaked to the public.

Marilyn tries to stop him and his group of service men. That's when he tells one of them to give her something to calm down. She is then smothered with a pillow, and meets her untimely death.

So which is it? Suicide, accidental overdose, or jilted lover/cheating politician with no other choice but murder? You decide.