Most Disney fans have thought long and hard about what they’d wish for “When [They] Wish Upon A Star.” But for Disney Cruise goer Robert Tolppi, the answer to this near century-old question is particularly simple — to never hear that goddamn song again.

@roberttolppi When you wish upon a star ‼️‼️ #cruiseship #cruise ♬ original sound - Robert Tolppi

“It is 1:30 in the morning, and the horn on this Disney cruise will not stop,” Tolppi began in his now-viral TikTok, the first seven notes of the 1940 classic repeatedly blaring through the ship’s horn.

Though the cruise overlords allegedly offered some mild reassurance, promising guests aboard the Disney Wish that maintenance crews would have the problem fixed in 45 minutes to an hour, Tolppi, who found that not even noise-canceling headphones could help soften the clamor, wasn’t having any of it. “I think they call it the Disney Wish because they bought it on,” he snapped back.

But hey, even if the Disney staffers couldn’t fix the issue themselves, they could always try wishing upon a star.