In case the horde of crying teachers decrying Gen Alpha’s horrendous behavior wasn’t enough to prove that kids these days are really something else, one phone-smashing, professor-bashing teen should do the trick.

Though it’s unclear what exactly sparked the now-viral altercation, the student was peeved enough to break all boundaries of classroom behavior, getting up in her teacher’s face and admonishing her tone.

Student knocks phone off teacher's hand, then proceeds to assault said-teacher after she tried leaving class
byu/Fukochu inPublicFreakout

“I don’t give a f—k if you’re an adult or not, you’re not gonna talk to me like that you dumb a— b—!” the teen yelled in the clip before snatching the teacher’s phone and slamming it to the ground. “You’re not gonna talk to me like that!”

Despite the teacher’s best efforts to get the situation under control, walking away and calling for help, the riled-up student demanded to further escalate tensions, lunging at her instructor as she re-entered the classroom.

“Do not put your hands on me!” she yelled, trying to hold the student back.

These efforts, however, were in vain, the screaming teen smacking, kicking and pulling her teacher’s hair so hard that they both tumbled to the ground, eliciting screams and gasps from the class.

While we may never know what happened to the student in question, who was last heard yelling “f—k that b—h!!” while getting dragged away from her class — and presumably towards the principal’s office — one thing is certain: We can only hope she got one hell of a detention.