Being a drag queen takes a surprising amount of athleticism. Not only must you master death drops and do other stunts in heels, but you’ve gotta perform these acts in one of the most unforgiving environments imaginable: unkempt bars with drunk customers.

As a result, mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes, these mistakes are caught on film, as shown in a recent viral video.

The video shows drag queen Kali Coutour performing a routine that involves her getting up onto the bar. Things go well for a little while — until, that is, she attempts to jump.

Needless to say, the jump does not go well, and Coutour flails off the bar as the sweet voice of Kevin Aviance repeatedly says the word “cunt.” She manages to take the POS system down with her — a beautiful sight for any server who’s ever had to use a decades-old interface to try to log orders.

Coutour herself is in good spirits about the whole thing, later posting the full clip to her Twitter.

This clip shows that she got up almost immediately afterward — truly a professional! For those who are interested, Coutour is also selling merchandise immortalizing the fall — so if you want a shirt showing her tumbling off a bar, now’s your chance.

Next time, maybe add a little grip to the bar to prevent this from happening — or, if you’re already falling, at least aim for someone who looks like they’d make a soft landing.