Just because you can afford a fancy car, that doesn’t mean you know how to drive it.

In a video making the rounds on Reddit, a Bentley can be seen going through a Burger King drive-thru (I’ll let you sit with that idea for a moment). Then, the Bentley attempts the impossible: making a somewhat tight turn. The result is a variety of scrapes and bumps that I’m sure will amount to thousands in repairs.

This isn’t all the driver’s fault, as many in the comments were quick to point out. “Downvote me if you want, but a narrow blind side turn like that is a bad design. I’m sure many people have biffed their rims in that exact spot. This is why most drive throughs are left turning,” wrote a user. “You can see a divot in the ground where others have driven over it,” observed another.

“I used to repair wheels for a living, I looooooove this style of drive through. I made a LOT of money from them over the years,” declared a third.

Still, you’d think that if you wanted to shell out the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to take one of these babies home, you’d at least learn how to drive it in all situations — or hire someone who can.