Us guys can get a little cocky. No matter how many environmental, physical or intellectual roadblocks tell us that there’s no way we can do something, there’s some part of our brains that says, “Yeah, I could probably do that.”

This is one of the reasons why 1 in 8 men think they could get a point on Serena Williams in a tennis match, 7 percent of dudes think they could beat a grizzly bear in a fight, 1 in 10 men think they could successfully fist fight a lion and a full 46 percent of men believe they could land a passenger airplane in an emergency.

Sure, this type of thinking has likely gotten many men needlessly killed, but it also gave us airplanes, so we’ll call it a draw.

In all of these examples, though, it’s rare that you’ll actually be able to test them anytime soon; you’re not likely to be asked to go round-for-round with a lion, for example. However, sometimes a glorious opportunity presents itself to prove that one could, in fact, go up against the greats — and it almost always ends in disaster.

Take YouTuber Donald De La Haye, aka Deestroying. Donald is no stranger to football, having played college ball at the University of Central Florida. Still, he may be just a little out of practice, as can be seen in a video where he challenges retired NFL running back Mark Ingram II to hit him. Unsurprisingly, dude does just that — and Donald gets absolutely blasted.

Of course, he’s playing it up for the camera a little bit — he’s a YouTuber, after all — but the look of surprise and horror on his face as Ingram plows into him. He feigns death afterward to scare Ingram, but it could also be to disguise the fact that he just dropped a log in his pants.

And again, Donald is a former college athlete, so if you think you could handle this, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. However, I could still *totally* beat a grizzly bear in a fight. Just don’t ask me to prove it.