While Burger King may famously allow customers to have it their way, one pissed-off Ken couldn’t seem to get across the message that he didn’t want sauce on his wrap, nearly coming to blows with staffers after they kept messing up his order.

However according to Redditor r/NVSuave, the stakes began relatively low, the “Karen” in question “ordering his wrap ‘dry,’” the customer grew more and more peeved as staffers remade his meal, using “condiments three different times.”

“Great customer service, guys, great customer service!” the camera wielder yelled as the man and a Burger King employee went at it in the parking lot. While it appears the man’s wife managed to de-escalate the situation, the angry patron ran directly into her arms instead of running at the worker, no one left the fast food joint happy.

“Get off the lawn!” yelled the worker at the cameraman, now in his car,  a sentiment echoed by the scorned orderer.

So take it from this ticked-off customer — condiments are always a good idea.