Why walk through the winding aisles of Walmart when you could rip your ATV through the store’s electronics section?

That’s the approach TikTok car and motorcycle influencer @2wheeltony7 took during a recent stop at the big-box store, opting to traverse the retailer not by his own two feet, but on four wheels.


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“Dang, this man in the store on a four-wheeler!” a patron yelled from behind their phone camera as @2wheeltony managed to successfully speed out of the Walmart’s automatic glass doors. All of this made @2wheeltony a hero among his fellow Walmart patrons.

“My boy said I’ll bring my own shopping cart,” joked @i_was_a_mistake59.

“Man is living in my dreams,” commented @littleheavy13.

Littleheavy13 is right. There might be no greater dream than getting through a trip to Walmart as fast as possible.