Over the weekend, freak waves and severe flooding in the Marshall Islands caused significant damage to a U.S. military base and disabled two commercial airports. But while the Ailinglaplap Atoll islands rebuild, the internet is much more worried about a dude who heroically saved his beer despite being swept off his feet by the strong storm surges.

A video from Roi-Namur island at around 9 p.m. on Saturday shows the doors and windows of the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile test site’s dining hall caving in, with multiple people stuck outside of the structure. One of those people, with the water closing in on him, made a last-ditch lunge for his beer before getting swept away. His efforts in the viral video have earned him some serious props.

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“Not all heroes wear a cape,” VaPe commented on TikTok. “Good lad,” Duzchops agreed.

Fortunately, nobody on Roi-Namur was killed by the waves. “One individual sustained injuries to lower extremities and is currently being seen at the Kwaj Clinic,” Army public affairs officer Mike Brantley said. “He is in stable condition.”

Brantley went on to state that all “non-mission essential personnel” were evacuated to Kwajalein. But whatever the U.S. Army deems mission essential, the rest of us can sleep easy knowing the most important mission of the weekend, “Operation Save the Beer,” was completed successfully by a true American hero.