When smoking weed in public, you’ve gotta be subtle. You have to hide it as best you can, masking both the action and the smell so people around you don’t get suspicious.

This man tried to do this and failed in the most spectacular way possible.

In the video, a man can be seen trying to smoke under his shirt (already not fully understanding the whole “subtle” part). After a few seconds, his shirt catches on fire — and upon noticing, he takes another hit before standing up and removing his shirt. I know wasting weed sucks, but maybe “avoiding third-degree burns” is more important than clearing your bowl?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this dude isn’t the first person to set themselves on fire while smoking weed. Back in 2018, the New York Post reported that a man tried to ash out into a paper bag and inadvertently set his couch on fire. He then proceeded to burn himself after trying to put out the fire with his hands. Man was really 0 for 2 on the “good decision” front.

Note for both of these people: Please, just get an ashtray.