It’s a tale as old as time: man gets bored in his marriage, asks his wife to open up the relationship, is shocked *pikachu face* when his wife ends up having more success finding dates and hookups than he does.

One man posted to r/TwoHotTakes detailing this exact dilemma because apparently, he hasn’t been around long enough to see this exact scenario play out countless times before. He explained that they’ve been married for 19 years and their only child recently moved out to join the army, adding, “I love my wife but I felt like the spark was gone from our lives. I didn't want to divorce her so I proposed an open marriage. She was upset initially but eventually she agreed.” Again, this is literally always how these things start - the woman reluctantly agrees to her husband’s suggestion only to beat him at his own game.

He continued to show his ass, writing, “Like I said in the title of my post I made a mistake. I have learned that just because I wasn't as attracted to my wife as I was when we got married it doesn't mean other men would feel the same. My wife has so many men and dates she doesn't know what to do with them all.

“Meanwhile it's the opposite for me. Not only that but after my wife agreed to an open marriage I asked a woman who was a colleague of mine out on a date. I was a manager at my job but I wasn't her manager. We worked in completely different divisions and our work had nothing to do with each other's jobs. But even though I wasn't her manager and I am in an open marriage she complained to her manager and showed HR my messages. I lost my job.”

Now that he’s unemployed and can’t get a date, he asked his wife if they could close their marriage again; a request she refused because she’s happy with how things are. His brother, who he should’ve spoken to before opening up his marriage, called him a moron and told him his wife looks better than he does.

Commenters were similarly unforgiving, with one popular comment reading, “You asked for this. You literally lead your family into this. This is on you. You sound extremely selfish. The only reason you want it to end is because you were rejected while she was accepted. Weird.”

The top comment cuts right to the point: “Lol you’re the only one surprised by the outcome of this scenario … this story always ends the same.” One of the replies to that comment is the cherry on top, however: “It's a convoluted case of " fuck around find out." She's doing the fucking, OP is finding out.” That’s gotta hurt!