new area 51 meme - Society if everyone stormed Area 51 instead of the Capitol building

Remember 2019? We were all laughing about butthole tanning and an internet 'plot' to storm Area 51? It really was a simpler time!

History repeats itself in odd ways, though. Yesterday, pro-Trump extremists forced their way into the Capitol Building in an attempt to disrupt the certification of President-elect Joe Biden's electoral college victory, vandalizing and looting multiple Congressional offices.

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While those events are certainly historic in their own right, they also re-ignited interest in the whole 'Storm Area 51' movement, which gave us some truly fire memes last time around.

The Capitol Police's haphazard and frankly embarrassing response to yesterday's rioters led to plenty of jokes about how ridiculously easy it was for the MAGA crowd to waltz into what is *supposed* to be one of the most secure buildings in our country, the seat of our entire government. 

meme about Pro-Trump extremists invading Capitol Building

It led some to idly speculate that maybe a raid Area 51 isn't as impossible as we've been led to believe:

What makes this all so crazy is that the Area 51 movement was literally created as a meme that eventually got a bit too big for its britches, while the plot to storm the Capitol was definitely a more realistic threat. Guess which one was investigated by authorities prior to s**t going down?

All in all, yesterday was definitely a wild ride on Twitter.

So yeah, the new year is already another unmitigated s**tshow, but at least we've got Area 51 memes again!