Incels truly are the gift that keeps on giving, although most of the time the gift in question is a turd in a brown paper bag that someone has set on fire and left on your doorstep, but still. One such man took to his university’s subreddit to brag about his accomplishment of talking to every single woman on campus, and the post is… a lot.

Posting on r/UBreddit, the subreddit for the University of Buffalo in New York, u/hivingmywayin wrote, “After several months of degenerate cold approaching women. Going to several women clubs around campus. Trying to chat up girls every single day, even in class. Meeting women at sorority parties. Talking to grad students and professors during office hours. I have officially talked to every girl on campus."

“The feeling of knowing every single woman on campus is something none of you could ever experience in 1000 lifetimes. You may know me as that one weird kid who just went up to you one day and tried to start a conversation and failed miserably. Not a single girl passes me who I do not know the name of. That one's Kate. That one's Ana. That one has two names I forget which. But it does not matter. I have built a rock-solid foundation of communication skills from asking how the weather is to what's your favorite type of ice cream."

“Every girl that enters my field of vision trembles in fear. They have only level 68 communication skills WHILE I have LEVEL 69!! After all this work, I still have yet to go on a date. But that won't stop me. Every girl on this campus had better watch out because I'm fucking leveling up. They won't be able to give me a bullshit excuse like "im busy" anymore. I've ascended to an attractive gigachad. Here I come, women.”

Like I said, it’s… a lot. Commenters weren’t fazed, however, with one person writing, “babe wake up a new copypasta just dropped,” while someone else simply suggested, “now talk to every guy on campus bro.”

It turns out that the first commenter was right, and this is indeed a copypasta; several other commenters pointed out that the post, which one person described as the “first page of an incel manifesto,” has been making its way around countless college subreddits in recent weeks.

Indeed, a quick Google search brings up results from subreddits for USF, the University of Houston, UTM, and UC Davis, as well as comments on 4chan. Unfortunately, this means we’ll never know who the original poster, the attractive gigachad, is, if he even exists at all. What a loss for college-aged women everywhere.