One Cincinnati Bengals fan recently proved that sports face painting is so much more than a bygone art once reserved for Seinfeld gags and caricatures of extreme sports fans, heading to a recent Monday Night Football game truly decked out in his team colors.

In an extreme display of team spirit, the man in question not only painted his face with red and black stripes, the letters “MNF" written across his forehead, but he also dyed his long, Rip Van Winkle-esque beard to match.

Beyond garnering praise — and let’s be real, probably some fear — from fellow Bengals fans with his sporty Darth Maul cosplay, the man’s look also garnered a whole lot of viral attention.

“Telling my son this is Turning Red part 2,” joked @Fleminem_Raps.

“I guess I'm not a real fan,” wrote @WhatOKnows. “Because I'd be damned to be walking around looking like this.”

While it’s unclear how long this herculean effort took — one that could make even a seasoned makeup artist weep tears of strange pride — one thing is certain: he could have at least looked up what color jersey his team would be sporting on the field.