Though Florence Pugh may have headed to Brazil’s Comic-Con to promote Dune: Part 2, the actress found herself dune a whole lot more than hyping up the sandy sci-fi sequel, getting pelted in the head by a mysterious, flying object.

Though it’s unclear what, exactly, was lobbed at the actress’ face amid the Sao Paolo CCXP festival panel, one attended by several of Pugh’s co-stars including Zendaya, Austin Butler, and (alleged) NYU biohazard, Timothee Chalamet, it was clear what whatever it was most definitely left a mark.

“Ow,” Pugh said after the UFI (unidentified flying item) smacked her square in the eye.

Yet as Dune-heads and armchair sleuths alike question who, exactly could be behind such a dastardly deed, we can’t seem to get one question out of our heads — Does anyone have eyes on Olivia Wilde?