One 12-year-old’s joy ride in a stolen forklift came to a screeching, handcuffing halt on Saturday, the pre-teen landing under arrest after a dramatic chase with local authorities.

The unnamed Ann Arbor, Michigan minor decided to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend by getting into some very OSHA-violating hijinks, swiping a piece of heavy machinery from a local middle school and taking it for a spin out on the open roads, a decision that ultimately caught the attention of the cops.

Though forklifts may only be able to reach the eye-watering speed of 10 miles per hour, the 12 year old found himself in a lukewarm pursuit, managing to evade the authorities … and bulldoze approximately 10 cars along the way.

Despite this impressive lead, the tween decided enough was enough, stopping and exiting the vehicle after roughly an hour. He was ultimately arrested and brought to a juvenile detention center.

GTA 6 cannot come soon enough for some kids.