The only thing worse than going broke at the casino? Going broke at the casino … only to have to pay for an entirely new casino.

Though one angry gambler may have allegedly lost his life savings at a casino, he decided to throw himself deeper in the hole, proceeding to trash the floor in a fit of gambler’s rage.

In the clip, which has since gone viral on r/PublicFreakout, the sore loser can be seen doing his damndest to destroy the place that evidently destroyed him, grabbing one of the red chairs from the casino floor and repeatedly smashing it into what appears to be a slot machine console

After several moments of trying and failing to break one machine, the screen flickering on and off between blows, he decided to take matters into his own hands, ripping the digital slots from the walls and throwing them to the ground as an employee called the authorities.

“Police assistance, please!” a woman could be heard yelling amid the tantrum.

While the scorned player appeared to have stopped before the authorities arrived, let this be a lesson on gambler’s ruin: it’s more than just a statistical probability.