As Catholics around the globe observed Ash Wednesday, making the start of Lent— a.k.a.  The Mark Whalberg 40 Day Challenge — a few students at Georgetown University decided to put a hole-ier spin on the holy day, kicking off a celebration dubbed “A— Wednesday.”

Denoted with a student booth boasting signs reading “Celebrate Ass Wednesday” and booties drawn on their foreheads on black ink — a play on the ashen marking of the cross — the holiday seemed like a boot-ful celebration, albeit one unappreciated by right-wingers.

“DISGRACE! Students at Georgetown - a Catholic University - have an “A** Wednesday” table on campus with a butt drawn on their foreheads,” right-wing Twitter influencer Ashley Hayek captioned a now-viral photo of the celebration.

“It’s disturbing that these students would mock the sacred tradition of Ash Wednesday - a day of profound significance around the world Shame on them,” she continued before admonishing the university. “Shame on Georgetown for allowing this!!”

While a handful of Twitter Catholics (read: losers) clutched their pearls alongside Hayek — “This is very offensive on a holy day for so many people,” added @VelvetBarstool”  — Several other Christians and non-religious folks took a different approach, penciling Ass Wednesday into their holiday calendar.

“There’s no possible way I’m the only Catholic who called it ass Wednesday get a grip,” wrote @clairezagorski.

“I'm the Pope and I say it's fine,” joked Rolling Stone reporter Miles Klee, while Babylon Bee parody account @ACABylonBee took a moment to acknowledge the newly-minted holiday.

“Happy Ass Wednesday to all those whom celebrate,” they wrote.

But regardless of whether you love or hate Ass Wednesday, it truly doesn’t matter. To paraphrase @corncommunist’s take on the viral ordeal, “I think Jesus could take a f—kin joke.”