In the early days of food delivery, it was pretty easy to get a refund if something went wrong. A delivery driver decides to throw your milkshake all over your front porch? One quick message to the underpaid Uber Eats support staff, and boom, the money’s back in your pocket (though you still have to clean up the milkshake yourself).

Now, however, getting those precious few dollars back from delivery services is difficult. You have to argue across several teams of customer support agents, and if you do finally reach someone who can help you, you’re more than likely going to just get refunded the delivery fee — no matter how many of your fries the delivery person ate.

If you’re wondering why this change happened, it might have something to do with people like this:

In his post, X/Twitter user Flea (@babyibeenajoint) says he’s come up with a devious method for securing a refund for his DoorDash, even if he’s perfectly happy with the meal. That method? Photoshop.

The pictures of the post show two burgers: One where the inside is raw, and another where the inside is fully cooked. You can see where this is going — the clever devil edited his burger to look undercooked, all in an attempt to claw back that sweet, sweet cash.

There are actually a few things wrong with this picture, and not in the way that Flea was trying to show. For example, it appears that the burger has been completely wrapped in cheese, which is at the very least an odd way to do things. Second, he seems to have grabbed a whole bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s for his burger — a very Zuckerbergian move.

If you’re looking for a way to save a few dollars on delivery, you can give this technique a shot, but it’s safe to say that there are better, easier ways to make a few dollars than spending your Friday night Photoshopping otherwise perfectly fine burgers.