The only difference between skiing and bowling? Nothing, if you’re this guy.

One skiing newbie proved that even the bunny hill can come with its own set of hazards, bulldozing several people in a first run gone terribly wrong. While it remains a mystery who exactly taught this dude his way around a ski slope, whoever it was clearly valued Olympic-level speed over stopping.

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As he sped down the mountain at an impressive pace, he not only flattened a few snow bunnies but almost took himself out, flying out of his skis and through the base camp, ultimately face-planting into a snow drift as fellow winter athletes looked on in horror.

Though the specific point of disaster is unclear – “something went wrong,” simply read the text laid atop the clip — several viewers had questions, namely, how and why.

“Every instructor’s NIGHTMARE,” wrote @thayer.

“At least he picked the absolute worst time to bail,” joked @BlakeObviously while @yannick speculated that this may have all been by design.

“POV: they tell you aprés ski is closing in 5 minutes,” they joked.

But hey, we’re sure that once this guy gets his full body cast taken off and learns how to pizza, he’ll get a spot at the 2026 Olympics in no time.