The best way to prove you’re not drunk? Slurrily demand that the police officers apprehending you on suspicions of drunk driving turn their focus onto robberies, the strategy one (allegedly) hammered woman took while speaking with the authorities.

“You wanted to play this game? So let’s play,” the officer said at the beginning of the now-viral body cam clip, one that starts several moments into their encounter. “How much did you have to drink tonight?”

“Nothing!” she replied. “Do you wanna take care of people that are robbing people, shooting up houses up here, f—king robbing people? Do you wanna take care of those people?”

The officer, however, was having none of her whatabout-isms. “Nah, I’m taking care of people that are driving crazy right now,” he added before asking her to take part in sobriety exercises.

Despite offering to do handstands on the side of the road — “I don’t care about your handstands!” he said — she refused to partake, instead, doing a back walkover.

“I’m sorry, if someone’s drunk can they do that?” she asked.

Though the cop may not have had an answer, I, as a former gymnast with a penchant for breaking out my floor routine after a few shots most definitely do: They can do that — sometimes even better than when they’re sober.