A handful of rowdy Cincinnati Bengals fans took L’s on and off the field on Sunday, finding themselves in the throes of several brawls as the Ohio team lost 24-27 to the Baltimore Ravens.

The beef first began in the stands of Paycor Stadium, where a group of spectators began going at it, shoving each other and ripping each other’s shirts in a full-on brawl, one that ended in one fan, clad in a tiger-print jumpsuit, being led out of the arena.

Girls fight as guy who later head butts another guy while cuffed is escorted out of Bengals game
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But even as this jumpsuit-clad fan left the field in what appeared to be handcuffs, the horde of cops escorting him out couldn’t even stop him from settling the scores. While leaving the stadium, he stumbled across one of the Bengal heads he had sparred with earlier in the day, proceeding to greet him with a massive headbutt.

“Oh my god!” yelled one of the several onlookers that had witnessed the headbutt seen round the world (or at least anyone checking the homepage of Reddit). “I just saw that s—t!”

Moral of the story? Leave the brawling to the ballers, lest you land with a MASSIVE headache … and probably a lifetime ban from Paycor Stadium.

Fan headbutts another person.
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