Gross. Yes, I know that you need a heart to survive, but look at this — why does it have to look so weird?

In this video, originally posted by cardiac surgeon J. Alex Weston, a heart can be seen on a table. “About to impact a life!” Weston wrote in the original post. I know my life was impacted after seeing this.

While Weston takes a more positive approach, this repost by Dr. Penking contains the chilling line, “The moment it ceases, you are dead.” Thanks, Doc!

If you’re wondering what exactly is going on here, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs explains: “The donor organ is connected to a warm perfusion device that pumps a continuous supply of oxygenated blood and electrolytes, while the organ is outside the human body. The device also maintains temperature and pressure within the organ”

So next time you decide to down three Monsters after your morning coffee, put this video at 2x speed to see what your heart is going through. I know, that’s not going to stop you, but you gotta respect the heart’s hustle.