One traveler proved that while not all heroes may wear capes, they sure as hell can take a lot of wind — specifically from an elephant’s ass.

In a clip that has since gone viral on Twitter, the extremely brave — and hopefully gas mask-clad — cameraman decided to go where no photographer has before, or will again, cozying up to an elephant’s butt just in time for him to let out what may be the biggest fart in all of recorded history.

Continuing for a face-puckering (and butt-puckering) 13 seconds, the fart was one for the ages, striking a visceral sense of terror — and schadenfreude —  into Twitter commenters.

“You can literally see the gas exiting their asshole and entering the air. Powerful stuff,” wrote @indignocreatura, while @TomTarizzle posed the question on all of our lips.

“Now why are you sticking your phone right up in that elephass?” they asked.

Though it remains unclear whether or not the camera person was harmed in the making of this clip, one thing is certain — someone should get eyes on Ace Ventura, stat.