Move over, avocado toast: After years of single-handedly hindering American millennials from ever achieving homeownership, yet another food has emerged onto the scene, primed and ready to thwart the financial goals of all non-One Pecenters in its path.

Behold, the $29 ham sandwich.

Earlier this week, Mauceri took to the r/NYC subreddit with a disturbing sign of the times — a ham and cheese sandwich going for the price of exactly 5.8 $5 footlongs at Eli Zabar’s on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Though it’s unclear why the sandwich carried such a hefty price tag — maybe its weirdly vague “health bread” has the power to cure any physical ailment — the people of reddit had several strong opionions on the matter, including analog_x700, who boldly asked why the fuck this store has the audacity to charge more than an airport.

“Okay seriously, this is criminal,” they wrote, noting that “it wouldn’t even cost this much at JFK or LGA, and that’s saying something,” two of the city’s most expensive eateries (and we’re not talking about the flights). “This place? It can get fucked. Not cool.”

“I’m surprised that someone rich enough to not think it’s unacceptable to pay $29 for a ham sandwich would be eating many boring pre-packaged ham sandwiches,” mused yakofnyc.

Yet, this sandwich is no anomaly. The same shelf appears to include an egg salad sandwich also on health bread for the low, low, price of $24. In fact, the eatery has a long reputation for upcharging. “I went there once for orange juice — $24,” wrote mulmer96. “Walked right out and hit up a bodega.”

Legaljellybean said they also “walked right tf out” of the store after seeing some of the exorbitant prices. “I walked in once just to look, cuz I lived nearby,” they wrote. “I saw that eggs were a dollar each and walked right tf out.”

Eherwon has yet to reply for comment.