Though hockey may be famed for its on-ice brawls, NHL players aren’t the only ones getting in on the fun.

One very peeved New Jersey Devils fan decided the Prudential Center was the perfect place for an all-out smackdown, headbutting a New York Rangers fan during the team’s cross-river contest on Thursday night.

While it remains unclear what sparked the argument, the fans arguing between a railing near the ice, things quickly took a turn for the physical when the Devils fan leaned back, offering his opponent a headbutt for the ages.

With the flick of his skull, all bets were off, the altercation devolving into a brutal melee complete with flying fists and heckling spectators.

“Kick his ass!” yelled one fan as the guys went at it, another letting out a very apt “WORLD STAR!” amid the chaos.

After several moments of duking it out, their stand skirmish quickly came to a close after arena staff got involved, the Devils fan getting booted from the Newark arena.

But as he left his seats and the game behind, we can only hope the rogue headbutter managed to grab some rink shavings on the way out —  he’s gonna need some ice for that massive headache.