One woman took the old adage of "when you gotta go you gotta go" to new, ammonia-scented heights — literally — pulling down her pants and taking a wizz in the aisle of a crowded airplane at Philadelphia International Airport.

“Sorry, everybody!” the woman said to her fellow passengers before yanking off her bottoms and squatting down in the middle of the aircraft.

Despite garnering gasps, groans, and an exasperated “Are you serious?” from her fellow passengers — including Julia Hartman, the TikTok creator who posted and quickly deleted the video of the ordeal — the woman was still hellbent on emptying her bladder.

“I don’t give a f—k, f— you!” she yelled towards one of her piss hecklers. “I gotta go pee! I don’t give a f—k!”

Though it’s unclear whether or not the woman was ultimately ejected from the plane, one thing is certain — she may not give a f—k, but she most definitely gives a piss.