An elderly Florida woman recently discovered that she is not the sole decider of which dogs are and are not service dogs, getting arrested and charged with battery on a person over 65 and disorderly conduct after kicking a disabled patron at her local Publix.

It all began when 80-year-old Virginia Ann Wargo Pitzner headed to the grocery store where she ran into a man who was shopping with his service dog. Instead of taking after most people and minding her own business, Pitzner decided to confront the man about whether or not his dog was actually necessary.

Karen thinks she has every right kicking people
byu/happeninbro inImTheMainCharacter

Though the man in question had documents proving his dog was legit, Karen refused to listen, turning the situation physical.

“His dog jumped on me. Afterwards I kicked him in the ass,” the octogenarian recalled to officers in body cam footage. Despite quite literally admitting to assault, Pitzner appeared shocked upon learning she was going to jail.

“Give me a break!” she yelled as the officer attempted to handcuff her. “Don’t you guys have anything better to do?”

Even after her arrest, she appeared to still not fully grasp the gravity of her actions, stating that she wished the service dog would “rot in hell.”

We can only hope that Pitzner learned one heck of a lesson from this ordeal. After all, guard dogs are famously a lot less nice than service dogs.