Ice Poseidon is at it again. After being merked by a dude on an electric scooter, Mr. Poseidon spent about six minutes controversy-free before opting to rile some stuff up again. This time around, he decided to hire an escort — and, of course, stream the whole thing on the internet via Kick.

“Allegedly, cameras were set up in a hotel room where an unnamed man would invite the alleged escort to meet him,” writes Katie Mather for In the Know. “In Brisbane, Australia, where (Ice Poseidon) was streaming from, sex work is not illegal under certain conditions.”

No matter if it was legal or not, someone called the cops on ol’ Poseidon, which led to him being told he was being arrested for sexual assault.

To quickly dispel some rumors, Poseidon said in a response tweet that he was actually a victim of swatting, not a perpetrator of sexual assault. Also, while some claimed that the escort wasn’t informed that they were being live-streamed, other videos from the night show Poseidon asking if it’s okay that she’s filmed and the unknown man showing the escort the camera after she arrives.

Of course, something can be legal and totally not okay — and if you watch the video, the woman doesn’t seem comfortable with whatever the hell is happening. At one point, she even attempts to leave, citing what’s happening as “creepy.” Not the moves of someone who *really* wants to be there!

Also, the dude may have tried to stop her from leaving. Classy.

If you’re wondering if all of this was fine with Kick, the platform that streams Ice Poseidon’s content, don’t worry — the CEO seems to have been in the stream, even laugh-reacting to what was happening.

Naturally, viewers weren’t too happy about whatever the hell this was. One Kick streamer said the situation was “not okay” and that they wanted the platform to be improved.

Another went so far as to claim they were leaving the service.

For their part, Kick put out a non-apology saying that they “appreciate our community for the continuous feedback, both the good & the bad.” It’s bad, Kick! It’s all bad!

So if you’re wondering if Ice Poseidon finally managed to get himself locked up for good, it seems the answer is no. However, if you’re someone who just loves to see him fail, congratulations, today’s your lucky day. We’ll meet again the next time he tries a stunt like this — or if that scooter guy returns for a second round.