Street crime is rampant — and not even Santa is safe.

Earlier this month, Kentucky resident Donald Nelson was sitting on the couch with his wife when he heard a small “bang.” Upon going outside to investigate, he discovered something terrible: someone had assassinated his inflatable Santa.

According to The Independent, Nelson had purchased the inflatable Santa for $200, placing the character in his yard to celebrate the holiday season. Whether the assailants hated Nelson, hated Christmas, hated inflatables, or some combination of the three, they decided to gun down Father Christmas, leaving the blow-up Saint Nick with an 18-inch bullet hole.

For those who think this may have just been a cheap inflatable popping on its own, think again. Not only does Nelson have security camera footage, but to hear him tell it, your house might be next.

“There are multiple neighbors that have inflatables too, and I mean certainly they could be targeted as well,” Nelson told WLEX. “If they’ve done just one, they’ll probably do several.”

To date, the assailants have not been caught. Nelson says that if they return, he’ll try to get their license plate number before they pop any other Holiday-themed blow-up dolls.

One thing’s for sure, though — whoever did it is definitely getting some coal in their stocking.