It’s been a whole two years since Chet Hanks dubbed the summer of 2021, ‘White Boy Summer’ and it’s been a total of four years since Meg kicked off ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ so of course, this year we should be celebrating some iteration of ‘spicy adjective’ + boy/girl + summer, right?  Well, not exactly. This year, women have jumped the gun, dubbing the spring of 2023, — Feral Maiden Spring.

The notably less autumnal successor of Feral Girl Fall, Feral Maiden Spring comes complete with 100% less alliteration and 100% more paganism —  at least according to a now-viral clip from holistic coach @nowletsgetgoing, who popularized the term on the platform.


Its tiiiiimeeeee

? original sound - Nowletsgetgoing

According to @nowletsgetgoing, “the energy that’s coming in for this spring wants everybody to be in the maiden energy of hope, of joy of fearlessness, or going for it, of not being afraid to look stupid,” she explained.

Feral Maiden spring, she said, stems from the “concept of a triple goddess” found in “many divine feminine teachings.” This triple goddess is comprised of, “the maiden, the mother, and the crone,” she explained, noting how these three embody “life and death.” 

Though “Late fall and all of winter” comprised “the crone season” a time of “deep reflection, of shadow work of solitude in a sense,” she elaborated, this Feral Maiden Spring will have us, to paraphrase the words of Hot Girl Summer coiner Megan Thee Stallion, back on our thot shit, complete with love, friendship and beauty.

Naturally, people on TikTok took @nowletsgetgoing’s sentiments as a challenge, both stitching her clip and taking to Twitter with some of the most feral shit imaginable … like drinking coffee(?), posing with a tote bag and sharing aesthetic images from Midsommar.

@sidneyofhightower #stitch with @nowletsgetgoing Day 77 of Living life for me - LETS GO FERAL MAIDEN SPRING I’m ready for new growth, new opportunities, new people, new life But it is equally important to remember gratitude And I am incredibly grateful to be where I am, to know the people I know, to live the life that I am living. Two things can be true at once. You can be grateful for where you are and excited for change So lets celebrate the Spring Equinox, and look to the future with gratitude, compassion, and genuine joy #divinefemme #feralmaiden #maiden #livinglifeforme #letschat #itsok #dressup #ostara #springequinox ? original sound - Sidney Rubino

So for all you “crones” blossoming into “feral maidens this spring,” don’t worry about embarrassing yourself or putting yourself out there, and while you’re gone, please bring us back some trinkets from the forests.