Everyone knows the best way to deal with party crashers is to politely show them the door. But what happens if the "person" crashing your party, or in this case BBQ, is a thousand-pound black bear? 

Well, one man found out. 

"Mike" as his friends can be heard calling him decided the best way to shoe away a bear was to first be polite and second, show them the door. 

As Mike walks the bear out the two have a brief moment that can only be described as this man's luck running out. Mike, is pointing toward the door (gate), and the bear, ready to make his walk of shame takes a light (in his case) swipe at Mike's stomach, much like a cat, before departing. 

To Stay After Being Asked Politely to Leave
byu/Zimquats intherewasanattempt

Once the black bear has been shown the door, Mike turns around, lifting his shirt to show off his new party wound, a scratch on his stomach. 

While this bear won't live down the moment he almost was invited to stay at his first human party, Mike is going to be telling bartenders about the time he fought a bear for the rest of his life.