June marks the start of summer (in the northern hemisphere), but for many women working in offices across the nation, the warmer months herald in a unique season – “women’s winter.”

Though common knowledge among the sweater-toting women making their way through the corporate world, the existence of this secret fifth season recently emerged as TikTok’s latest viral obsession thanks to one Pittsburgh-based reporter’s video detailing just how chilly summers can be with full-blast office air conditioners.

“It’s women's winter,” Heather Abraham, who co-hosts "Pittsburgh Today Live,” commenced her clip, illustrating several of her co-workers huddled beneath blankets, sweaters, and jackets, including her colleague Maggie, who “actually has two blankets.”

@heatherabraham Women’s Winter has begun. #womenswinter #airconditioner #officelife ♬ Angel - Sarah McLachlan

“Everyone is suffering here, everyone,” she explained, a sentiment several of her apparently frigid office mates backed up – including one chilly-looking male co-worker named Dante, who singlehandedly proved that “while it’s called women’s winter, no one is truly excluded.”

“I’ve been typing here all morning and I can barely feel my fingertips,” replied one colleague, a blanket draped across her lap.

“Look at how blue my fingers are,” added another.

Amassing more than 4.5 million views in its first three days on the site, several others could relate to the struggles of navigating this complex, impossible-to-dress-for season.

@leannp0721 Note: I would have stitched the video, but that option was off. #brrr #womenswinter #cold #office #worklife #spaceheater ♬ original sound - Leann

“AC cold is a different kind of cold,” joked @sweater_weather86.

“I take a 5-minute defrost and go outside,” added @toxiccupcakexd.

So take it from Abraham and co – be sure to bundle up this women’s winter.