Sina estavi jack dorsey first tweet sale auction NFT

The first-ever tweet of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey went up for sale in NFT form last week at a gargantuan starting bid of $48 million dollars, with the original owner and crypto bigwig Sina Estavi promising half of the proceeds would go to charity. 

This is many orders of magnitude above the $2.9 million dollars Estavi paid for the tweet one year ago -- i.e. a healthy margin and quite a profit, divided for charity or not. 

So it may have stung when the maximum offer for the NFT by the auction's deadline came stood at a cool $280 --  roughly 0.00001% of what Estavi originally paid for the Dorsey tweet NFT that he calls the 'Mona Lisa of the Digital World."

Once the auction for Dorsey's seemingly unwanted first tweet ended at that less-than-awesome return, Estavi -- who actually has 'owner of first ever tweet' in his Twitter handle -- then took to urging Elon Musk to purchase the tweet.

Musk did not, evidently, take Estavi up on his offer. 

As the auction grew increasingly grim, Estavi seemingly made it his mission to retweet as many of the headlines poking fun at the failed endeavor as possible, along with one motivational tweet that -- given the context -- seems to be directed more at himself than anyone else

In the middle of all this, he retweeted one by Coin Desk that mentions his time in Iranian prison for 'Disrupting the Economic System.' 

And, as the story picked up steam, many were quick to join the party and express their own take on the auction attempt. 

In the wake of the failed auction bid that concluded with a maximum bid of $280, which Wall Street Journal calls an 'indication of a maturing NFT market', Estavi was also pleased to show many of the 'haters' some of the better offers that showed up later for the tweet he spent $3 million on:

How much would you pay for a picture NFT of the first tweet?