A teenager on a rampage is a terrifying sight. But a whole group of teenagers who feel like they’ve got something to prove? Buddy, just pack it in and go home — you don’t want to be around when the teens get their hormones kickin’. This video shows exactly why.

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On TikToker @passportpaul’s first trip to Six Flags Great America, they learned just how great America can be. In the video, one can see a group of teens kicking, screaming and fighting with the slightly older teenager running the roller coaster — all while passengers are locked in waiting for the ride to begin.

This video was quickly posted to Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout, where users shared their thoughts on the situation at hand. “We really need to call a collective time out and let everyone just get their heads straight for a couple weeks,” wrote one Redditor. “Did we all just collectively forget how to behave after the pandemic? Unreal,” added another.

One user managed to dig up a news article showing what allegedly happened that led to this brawl. According to WGN9, the incident that incited this terror was, let’s see here: “The ride operator accidentally bumped one of the roller coaster passengers.”

No joke. That’s really all that happened to set off this firestorm, police say. “According to police, upon the accidental contact, the passenger and their friends became irate and angrily charged toward the ride operator, hitting and throwing objects at him.”

Of course, the group wasn’t able to get off scot-free (or ride the ride, it seems). One adult was taken into custody and charged with mob action and battery, while two underage participants were “referred to juvenile court for mob action and battery.”

The employee was treated for minor physical injuries — though the emotional damage of dealing with teenagers will likely last with him for a lifetime.